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NYC Headshot


I grew up in a tiny Michigan town and love all things creative but found a home in the local theater. Prior to moving to NYC to get my MFA in acting, I lived in Chicago for 10 years where I went to undergrad and worked as an actor and teaching artist.


My goal is to capture what makes YOU uniquely YOU in your headshots and portraits. It's what you bring to auditions, interviews, rehearsals, performances, stage doors, and red carpets. It's who you are when you're with your best friends and family.


A few fun facts about me:

  • I live in Brooklyn with my fiancé and tiny cat.

  • I love a good camping trip and I roast my marshmallows slow and steady. 

  • The moment I knew I had to be in theater was seeing The Wizard of Oz on tour in Detroit starring Eartha Kitt and Mickey Rooney. Can you even?


Before your session:

As a photographer and an actor, I have a genuine interest in getting to know you and your specific goals / needs. Prior to your headshot session, I will send some tips and tricks on how to best prepare for your headshot session & decide on what to wear, as well as be available for any questions. This will help prepare both of us for the most successful headshot session possible. It can often feel like there is a lot riding on this and it's easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself to get THE SHOT. I'm here to take that pressure away.


During your session:

Collaboration from beginning to end is key for me. When you arrive for your shoot, we'll play music, get comfy, go through your clothes, and shape your looks (if we haven't begun doing so already). It's important to me that you're feeling comfortable and on FIRE! I'll coach you along the way because expression is key. Occasionally I may get technical and tell you to tip your chin down, or bring your face forward , or peer in the the camera's soul and SMIZE DAMN IT! As we flow through your session, we'll review photos so we can be sure we're getting shots that you love. It also helps to learn as we go - seeing what's popping in terms of expressions and the story being conveyed with each look. Again, collaboration is how I roll.

After your session:

Within five business days, you'll get a downloadable gallery with all of the images from your session. If you need an extra opinion on which ones you'd like as your final choices, I'm always an email away. Once you decide, let me know and I'll get to work on your retouches!



Where do you shoot?

All studio shoots will be at my apartment in Brooklyn. If outdoor shoots are more your speed, we'll meet at my apartment and venture out into the neighborhood. 

What is a look?

A look is any major wardrobe or makeup change. I typically associate looks with types of roles you'd like to play or, more simply, different aspects of who YOU are.

Hair and Makeup! What's the deal?

Collaborating with a makeup artist is not required but highly recommended for everyone.  Should you choose, one of my makeup artists will be present for the entirety of your shoot. Our priority is for you to look and feel your best. We recommend that you arrive at your shoot with your hair ready to go. Payment for a makeup artist will be due the day or your shoot.

What do I wear?

The short answer: Don't stress about this too much. Bring options that make you feel amazing. I'm a firm believer that if you feel good, you look good and vice versa. That feel good energy is what translates into your shots. Bring options and variety. Form fitting is always better.

The long answer: When selecting clothing, it's always a good idea to bring pieces that suggest the types of roles you play or would like to play. I'm not asking for full costumes but if you want a more professional look, bring a blazer. Want to play the rebel? Bring a piece of clothing that makes you feel like a total bad ass. Want to play the love interest? Bring something that makes you feel flirty. Colors, textures, layers, subtle patterns, and varying necklines are all fair game. I can't stress this enough. Do you love blue? Awesome, so do I! But make sure you bring a variety of colors. It's amazing how color can change the look and feel of a photo. I want to make sure you have lots of different vibes to choose from!

Should I wear my glasses or contacts?

Would you wear glasses in your auditions or self tapes? If the answer is yes, we can shoot some looks with glasses and some without. No worries!

Do you do your own retouching?

I do! I want your photos to look and feel like you. No glamour shot editing here! I'll clear up any blemishes and even out skin tone. I have to say - I do think any scars, wrinkles, and other unique markings are special, separate you from the rest of the pack, and make you totally castable. If you have any special requests, just let me know!

How do I book a shoot with you?

Just fill out the contact form by clicking here . Be sure to include your name, email, which package you'd like, when you're hoping to shoot, and if you'd like to collaborate with a makeup artist. Once we settle on a date and time, it will be confirmed when I receive your $100 non-refundable deposit via Venmo, PayPal, or Quickpay. This deposit is not an additional fee and will be applied to your balance. The remaining balance is due at the end of your shoot. If you choose to  work with a makeup artist, their payment will be due the day of the shoot. Booking at least two weeks in advance is preferred, but I'm occasionally able to swing a last minute shoot..

What if I  need to reschedule?

I get it. People get sick and emergencies happen. Just let me know ASAP. Your non-refundable deposit will be used towards reserving your rescheduled date and time.

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