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In this industry, we often talk about the wealth of wisdom that can come from being in front of and behind "the desk". The same is true for the lens. Matt is a photographer who is also an actor and an MFA graduate. His insight to his own personal experiences lend to guiding his clients with ease because he is on both sides of the business and craft. Above everything, Matt believes in the power of the eyes in a portrait and to look like yourself, just as you are, rather than a filtered dream of what you think someone else wants you to look like. He's the real deal... and he also will make you laugh a lot along the way.

Joshua Bardier

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Matthew’s warm presence, attention to detail, and overall professionalism keeps me coming back to him for headshots. He was eager to help me achieve the look I was going for and made me feel at ease in front of the camera. There’s no photographer I trust more than the lovely Matthew!

Jazmyn D. Boone


I’ve always had trouble achieving specific headshots, and Matt helped me capture character-leaning looks without feeling fake or forced. He gave awesome suggestions, brainstormed via email, and coached me through the whole shoot to capture exactly what I needed organically and comfortably. My manager texted me after I sent the final edits to say how much he loved them, and I got a network audition within our first week of using them!

Hannah Seusy


Matt is a master at making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I felt so nervous trying to figure out how to get the perfect shot, but he talked me through everything I needed to know. Outfit choices, angles, facial expressions, EVERYTHING. He knows how to bring out the best in you, and works with you every step of the way. I could not be more happy with how my headshots turned out.

Gebby Hailemariam


Looking at his portfolio it's clear that the actors and creative professionals he has shot radiate with natural energy, and it's Matt’s brilliance in coaching you through a session that makes him a must see! I believe that every young actor and creative professional would benefit from a headshot session with Matt.

Victoria Pike


... Matt Scott sets a vibe of creativity, collaboration, and openness. He took my ideas for how I wanted to present myself to the world and elevated them in his photographs. And the end result was so smooth, I didn't even really need retouches. Since our session I have booked theatrical shows, short films, and I get called back way more for projects across all mediums. He is definitely worth the investment.

Booker Vance


Working with Matt was fantastic. From his preparation tips before the shoot to the welcoming laid back feeling of the shoot itself. Having new headshots done can be stressful; what to wear, what look, etc. Matt's approach removes that stress and allows you to just have fun. 

Christopher Robert Thompson


I'm a lawyer, so I was going for a look that was professional while still being a bit unique; Matt nailed it with my pictures. Aside from coaching me through the shoot to make me (a person who generally hates taking pictures) comfortable in front of the camera, he made the entire experience so casual, and -- dare I say it -- fun, from the music he played to his doting assistant (i.e. his kitten). To top it off, the turnaround was lightning speed... This truly could not have been an easier and better experience, and I absolutely recommend Matt for anyone also looking for a headshot that's corporate without being cookie-cutter.

Nadia Bryan


Matt was a joy to work with. Not only is he a talented photographer, he is also an actor. This allows him to take your headshots not only knowing the technicality of the camera, but also using the eye of a casting director. Matt knows what they are looking for - because he is out there auditioning too! He helped me not only create the perfect headshot but was also very involved after the shoot in selecting the perfect headshot to use and send to print. My highest praise... I cannot recommend him enough.

Carson S. Davis


...Matt was very communicative and made sure that I was totally prepared for my shoot day...I was so happy with how my photos turned out and feel like they really represent my unique energy. It is so hard to find a great photographer who will not only capture fun, unique and professional photos, but will create such a positive, collaborative environment! Not to mention - you receive a copy of every photo taken after your shoot! ... from the experience, to the incredible prices, to receiving every photo, I would always recommend Matt!

Jessica Pomeroy


Super affordable and convenient. Matt's coaching during the session became such a positive learning experience for me and genuinely brought out my personality to the fullest.

Ariadne Montenegro

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